What we do.

RESTARTER is a platform and a community where business and the refugees meet

Restarter creates a community where refugees and business  have the chance to meet and work together. Restarter have a professional and socio-economic network in order to empower the refugees to rebuild their lives and to contribute to the community. 

Our vision is to help the refugees to help themselves. In Europe, our goal is to help them to build their lives and to integrate in the host country where they live in the Middle East, we would like to help the refugees to stay in the region. We work together with NGOs and social enterprises in the regions in order to help the development of Jordan and Lebanon and to help the refugees to rebuild their lives in the region.



There are many social enterprise initiatives with refugees in Europe and the MENA Region.  We want to facilitate and strengthen networks in order to support the most vulnerable to make a restart today!  Check out our growing partner and supporter list below.



Listening to the amazing stories of refugees is important in order to learn from each other and adjust our social enterprise ventures we develop together.  Stories are powerful tool to encourage each other and to share best practices.  We want to invite you to read and share the stories below.


Everyone is busy with projects and program development.  Sometimes it is good to take a step back and evaluate what has been done, what can be improved and find appropriate ways to roll out success stories.  Restarter partners with universities and academics in order to analyze what has be done so far, what is really needed and how we can develop research-based programming.