How does Re-Starter support refugees?

Many refugees receive a work and residency permit, yet it is very difficult for them to find work or feel included in their host community. We believe providing coaching and training on community procedures, cultural values, language, development of new skills, and support in gaining access to work would greatly help them overcome these obstacles.

What could help them during the process of adaptation and finding a job?

Coaching on a personal level (buddy)
Mentoring on a professional level (connections, network)

What we offer:

We provide training for those interested in building up a network of companies and professionals able to help refugees integrate and gain access to work. We also offer coach and mentor training for people who want to assist refugees in the process of adaptation. We are building a network of volunteers who are helping refugees integrate into society and the job market.

How can you join?

  • Buddy: People interested in providing peer-to-peer support to help refugees in the process of adapting to both daily and professional life in the Netherlands

  • Networking (for businesspeople, entrepreneurs and professionals): People with connections to companies or organizations potentially interested in providing professional development opportunities (voluntary, internship, or paid work) can organize a Business Meet-Up (BMU)

  • Professional mentor: Professionals who can mentor refugees on track to re-enter the workforce