JOIN US! Become an integral part of an important and meaningful journey of changing the lives of newcomers in your neighborhood. Your contribution can make an impact of the lives of refugees new to the EU, and with your help, we can enable refugees to become rebuilders of their own lives and communities.

You can help us support local newcomers in their integration and professional journey by:

Sponsoring a Professional Mentor:
For 25 euros, you can sponsor the cross-cultural communication training of a local citizen, equipping them with the skills to effectively mentor a local newcomer.

Sponsoring a Refugee:
For 50 euros, you can sponsor one refugee to participate in a Re-Starter integration training/coaching program, helping them learn the values of their host country and supporting them in the process of finding work and becoming contributing citizens.


Become a Friend of Re-Starter:
For 10 euros, you can make a difference by supporting
our cause and staying connected to the project.

Any amount of contribution helps.


Any amount of contribution helps. 100% of donations goes directly to Re-Starter’s mission.We deeply appreciate your support!

If you can't donate online, feel free to transfer money to us. We appreciate your help!

Bank information
Re-starter Foundation
Bank: RABO bank in Hilversum
Account number: NL66 RABO 0316 2622 26