We match refugees with locals.

Re-Starter is a platform where Dutch locals and refugees meet one-on-one,
helping refugees re-start their lives in their new home.

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We are a platform empowering refugees to make a new start through building networks, education and employment opportunities.

Our vision is to help refugees help themselves. Once they arrive in the Netherlands, our goal is to support refugees to restart their lives and integrate into the host country. Re-Starter has a professional and socio-economic network contributing to the community.


Our Services

Business Meet-Ups (BMUs)

Corporate training event

Corporate Training


Cross-Cultural Training

Re-Starter Dinner Experience

“Building business for a brighter future”

Re-Starter is a platform and community where locals and refugees meet.

Re-Starter connects locals with refugees based on shared skills and professional backgrounds . 
We act as facilitators, building refugees social and professional networks
with projects and events that help them integrate into their host society.

Photo credit: Maria de la Guardia

Photo credit: Maria de la Guardia


Re-Starter empowers refugees to make a new start through building networks, education and employment opportunities.

Why? To enable refugees to become rebuilders of their own lives and the communities where they are living.

The aim of the foundation is to work with newcomers, in particular - but not exclusively - from the Middle East to promote social enterprise. To equip and empower them with values, education, experiences and skills.

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Photo credit: Christian Weststrate

Photo credit: Christian Weststrate


Re-Starter links companies with refugees as potential workforce through regular BMUs in different cities in the Netherlands. Re-Starter focuses on businesses in the fields of Media/IT, Construction and Hospitality.

During these events, we link companies with refugees and match the needs of companies with the skills of refugees. At these meetings we also introduce Re-Starter Cross Cultural workshops and one -on-one coaching. 

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Photo credit: Noemi Mena

Photo credit: Noemi Mena


European governments are under pressure as they have a double challenge: to control migration flows while also recognizing their responsibility to help potential refugees.

The governments have to deal with the economic crisis while trying to create opportunities for the newcomers.

Despite these challenges, we believe there are good reasons for refugee integration to be a top priority.

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