RESTARTER is a platform and a community where business and the refugees meet.

Restarter connects companies and organizations with refugees based on skills and professional background. 

We act as facilitators, building refugees social and professional network with projects and events that help them to integrate into their host society.

Start-up companies are the engine of our economy. Refugees are a source of innovation and stimulate business. Restarter also encourages refugees to be entrepreneurs and create their own jobs, contributing to the job market. Restarter also encourages refugees to be entrepreneurs and create their own jobs and contribute to the job market. The Restarter network helps refugees develop their skills and expertise. Our main goal is to find opportunities to empower refugees to find work or internships which will contribute to the local economy. 




Restarter empowers refugees to make a new start through building networks, education and employment opportunities.

To enable refugees to become rebuilders of their own lives and the communities where they are living, by promoting business projects.

The aim of the foundation is to work with newcomers, in particular - but not exclusively - with refugees from the Middle East to promote social enterprise. To equip and empower them with values, education, experiences and skills.

  • Find local experts and professionals who are passionate about helping you realize your dreams and ambitions.
  • Find a network that will help you secure or create a job opportunity
  • Online Consultants: a place where you can get answers from experts on information about Dutch work regulation and other practical issues

What can we offer you? 

In Europe/ Netherlands

  • Restarter Experience Events like:
  • Business Meet-Up
  • Training and Information Events
  • Cross Cultural Workshops

In the Middle East 

  • Education and Training
  • Job opportunities

What do we do your? Facilitating link-up with local NGOs.

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Restarter links companies with refugees as potential workforce through regular BMUs in different cities in the Netherlands. Restarter focuses on businesses in the field of Media/IT, Construction and Hospitality.

During these events we link companies with refugees and match the needs of companies with the skills of refugees. At these meetings we also introduce Restarter Cross Cultural workshops and one to one coaching. 

  • Organize events where companies can provide information about the Dutch working system and the job market.
  • Networking opportunities to match refugees experience with professional work and companies
  • Create volunteer,  internship and other opportunities for job vacancies.
  • Provide refugees the network to start their own business and to create jobs that will contribute to the Dutch economy.
  • Provide cross-cultural communication training.

What can we do together? 

  • Organise Restarter Experience Events promoting team building and employment opportunities for your company,
  • Host Business Meet-Up events with refugees
  • Sponsor Restarter dinner experiences with chefs from the Middle East
  • Hire Restarter to organize team building opportunities for your company through cooking classes




The European Governments are under pressure as they have a double challenge, they have to control migration flows, but at the same time they have a responsibility towards potential refugees.

The Governments have to deal with the economic crisis and at the same time try to create opportunities for the newcomers.

Despite these challenges, we believe there are good reasons for the integration of the refugees to be a priority

Our Advocacy work:

  • Piloting innovating employment opportunities
  • Design employment projects in the MENA region
  • Research and analysis of complex realities in the MENA Region