Re-Starter is a platform and community where locals and refugees meet.

Many refugees receive a work and residence permit, yet it is very difficult for them to find work or feel included in their host community. We believe that providing coaching on community procedures, cultural values, language, skill development and workplace support would greatly help them overcome these obstacles. We are building a network of volunteers who are helping refugees integrate into society and the job market. Why? To empower them to contribute to the local economy — and to help them feel more included in their new host society.

How? By matching refugees with local buddies & mentors.

We believe in the power of coaching on a personal level and mentoring on a professional level (connections, network).

Unsure if you’re ready to coach? We’re here to train you.

We provide training for:

  • Potential coaches and mentors who want to assist refugees in the process of adaptation

  • Those interested in building up a network of companies and professionals able to help refugees integrate and gain access to work



Re-Starter empowers refugees to make a new start through building networks, education and employment opportunities.

The aim of the foundation is to work with newcomers, in particular - but not exclusively - with refugees from the Middle East to promote social enterprise. To equip and empower them with values, education, experiences and skills.

What can we offer you? 

  • Find local experts and professionals who are passionate about helping you realize your dreams and ambitions

  • Find a network that will help you secure or create a job opportunity

In Europe/Netherlands

  • Re-Starter Experience Events like:

    • Business Meet-Ups

    • Training and Information Events

    • Cross Cultural Workshops

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Re-Starter links companies with refugees as potential workforce through regular BMUs in different cities in the Netherlands. Re-Starter focuses on businesses in the field of Media/IT, Construction and Hospitality.

During these events we link companies with refugees and match the needs of companies with the skills of refugees. At these meetings we also introduce Re-Starter Cross Cultural workshops and one-on-one coaching. 

We bring businesses and refugees together by:

  • Organizing events where companies can provide information about the Dutch working system and the job market

  • Creating networking opportunities to match refugees’ experience with professional work and companies

  • Providing cross-cultural communication training

What can we do together? 

  • Organize Re-Starter Experience Events promoting team building and employment opportunities for your company

  • Host Business Meet-Up events with refugees




The European governments are under pressure as they have a double challenge: to control migration flows while having a responsibility towards refugees.

The governments have to deal with the economic crisis while trying to create opportunities for newcomers.

Despite these challenges, we believe there are good reasons for refugee integration to be a priority.

Our Advocacy work:

  • Piloting innovating employment opportunities

  • Research and analysis of complex realities in the MENA Region