Our work with refugees

Our work with refugees

Income Generation
Social entreprise
Development of sustainable projects in the field of agriculture, building and service industries
Stimulate entrepreneurship /Facilitation in trainee and work possibilities
Nederland-Syrie Business Club
Training Business Lab

Restore Dignity
Trauma counselling
Connect to networks

Education /Training
Develop practical teaching programs
Guide people to existing education options
Professional Skills / Education for Adults
Cross-cultural Communication

Social impact of Development Project
Comparative Study: working policies in different countries
Comparative refugee research


We work locally and internationally ir order to encourage individuals, communities, organizations and governments to work together to promote the common good and a positive change.


How? Facilitation, training and consulting for topics relate cross-cultural communication.

Goal: Developing organization capacity to build partnership with others in order to create a sustainable growth.

Pojects in Mena region







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Projects in the Netherlands

Our work with
NGO Politicians





























Projects in Europe