Business Meet-Up (BMU)

The Business Meet-Up (BMU) is a regular event organized in different locations throughout the Netherlands in which entrepreneurs from the Middle East region meet with local business people.  The events are hosted by different companies and provide a space to meet informally and discuss possible business opportunities.  The Business Meet-Ups create networks, which promote innovation and integration in society.  Check the calendar for the upcoming BMU in your area.  We look forward to welcoming you to the next meeting - please register on-line  

If you want to host a BMU as a company,
please contact us! 


Corporate team building events

Are you looking for an original team building event for your company or department?  Connect with us and we can discuss how we organise a Middle Eastern Cooking Class.  

Are you a refugee who loves to cook and participate in a cross cultural experience, connect with us and you can join in the next team building event. Contact us!




    Cross-cultural training

Restarter provides tailor-made courses for companies or groups of refugees in cross cultural communication.  Please contact us for more information.


Restarter dinner experience

One of the ways to learn about cultures is food.  Restarter Dinner Experiences provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about each other’s culture while enjoying a wonderful Middle Eastern dinner prepared by chefs from the region.  Companies and/or individuals can buy a table with their friends/colleagues and meet with refugees from the MENA region while enjoying Middle Eastern hospitality.  Are you a refugee and would like to participate in hosting a table? please let us know! Connect with us to book your table at the next dinner event!